Prof. Bernard Korzeniewski



Computer modeling of animal cell energy metabolism

Regulation of oxidative phosphorylation in skeletal muscle, heart and other tissues in response to elevated energy demand ('parallel-activation' or 'each-step-activation' proposal: all steps of oxidative phosphorylation are directly activated in parallel with ATP consumption and NADH supply by some external factor during an increased energy demand)

>>> Why are skeletal muscles not depleted of energy during intense exercise? LINK

Mechanisms underlying muscle fatigue - self-driving "Pi double-threshold" mechanism

Training-induced changes in the skeletal muscle bioenergetic system

Effect of low oxygen concentration on oxidative phosphorylation

Effect of inborn enzyme deficincies on oxidative phosphorylation; genesis of mitochondrial diseases

Cybernetic definition of life (a living individual)


Origin and essence of psyche and (self-)consciousness

Integrated coherent theory of brain functioning

Essence, origin and evolution of life

Thermodynamic basis of life

Essence and evolution of the Universe and physical level of reality

Cognitive abilities of humans; status and limitations of the world view formed in the brain

Philosophy of science